Does Your Dog:
  • jump on visitors or the kids?
  • counter surf?
  • bark excessively?
  • chew your favorite shoes?
  • drag you down the street on walks?
  • bark or lunge at other dogs passing by?
  • show signs of fear?

If your dog already knows the basic commands (sit, down, etc.) but has issues like those listed above, then your choices for dog training services are limited.  Most trainers offer basic command and problem solving programs, but you have to go through basic command training again. 

Paw and Order Dog Training offers you an alternative.  I will come to your home and help you solve the jumping, barking, etc. problems using the skills your dog already has!  If he needs some 'brushing up' on basic skills, we will do that as well.

Let a professional private dog trainer teach your dog to become a well-mannered member of your family and bring harmony to your home...

Paw and Order Dog Training offers private in-home dog obedience training and behavior modification to the Fort Collins, Colorado area. 

Training by the Trainer
Choose this program if you want a well trained dog but your hands are full. Let Paw and Order take the leash.  I train your dog in your home while you are away or you can be there to observe. I focus on the specific behaviors that you want addressed. Click here to learn more about Private Dog Training by the Trainer...

Private In-Home Training (Coaching)
Private, in-home dog training sessions allow you to schedule your training appointments at a time that works for you. I coach you on how to fix the specific behaviors that you want to address in your home according to your schedule. We meet once a week to help you get a handle on your dog’s behavior. Coaching sessions are recommended for dog owners that have the time to work with their dogs each week. Click here to learn more Private Dog Training Coaching...

In-Home Dog Training Fort Collins, Colorado
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